Thursday, February 17, 2011

ISL CD: 01 A Help for the Wood Badge Candidates

ISL CD No. 01 A Help for the Wood Badge Candidates 

ISL CD:  01. A help for WB candidates
Date:  Nov 2003
Format/ Size:  CD/ 174 MB

Description: This CD was compiled as a help for the wood badge course candidates to provide some information about scouting. Most of these materials are available online but during that time internet was not that common for many of us.

  • Scout Songs – midi, mp3, lyrics 
  • Scouting resources – net files, pdf, word etc 
  • Photos and images 
  • Few software 

For the full list pls check the ‘ISL CDs’ page. 

If you do need a copy, pls contact:
Mr. Ahmed Imad Mohamed

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hotel De' Moc, Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel De' Moc .. Prachathippatai Road
Hotel De’ Moc is located near a lot of tourist attractions, such as Rattanakosin Island, Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, Emerald Buddha, Democracy Monument, and the beautiful Golden Mount. It is also next to Khao San Road, world famous for its bustling street market, variety of Thai and Western restaurants, and wild nightlife.

The hotel is a bit far away from the main shopping area like MBK and Central, not really good shops nearby. There are a few 7-11s so its not that bad. The staffs are friendly. The breakfast buffet in the morning is really good, but the food in the restaurant is a bit pricey for the standard of food compared to other restaurants.

Pros n cons:
Breakfast: ...... free and they have a quite good buffet
Restaurant: .... the food is quite expensive
Free WiFi: ..... u need to collect a user name n pass from the reception (3 hr slots)
Cable TV: ...... few international channels like BBC n HBO
Pool: .............. outdoor swimming pool, but a bit small
Spa: ............... didn’t use so I'm not sure
Price: ............. a bit expensive, THB 2,380. (About US$ 79.)

78 Prajatipatai Road, Pra-Nakorn,
Bangkok 10200, Thailand.

Tel: +66 2/282 2831-3, Fax: +66 2/280 1299

Elephant done from 2 towels, on our bed

Hotel Restaurant .. chicken n rice

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Nice Printer - For Everyday Use

Printing is expensive in Maldives, just like everything else. Nowadays a lot of us use inkjet printers at home for everyday use. Original Cartridges are expensive and refilling is not that cheap either.

Recently I bought a Canon Pixma IP 4700 series printer. It has the glossy black casing of its predecessor, the IP4600 and also features stylish gunmetal highlights.  Five separate inks - pigmented black, black, magenta, cyan, yellow. Prints up to A4, approximately 8 pages per minute, in colour. My favorite is the CD/ DVD print & the Auto Duplex Printing.

The main reason why I bought this printer is because I could ‘PLAY’ with the ink, do my own refilling. If you wonder why, lets check the cartridge prices in Male’. Each of the 4 CMYK cartridge = Mrf 240 and the big BK cartridge = Mrf 280. So, for the 5 cartridges you will be spending Mrf 1240 (US$ 96.4).

Since I didn’t want to spend that much every time, I bought an extra cartridge set (chipped) and 6 bottles of ink, 100 ml each (with an extra black). This is roughly 15 – 20 refills, and I spent Mrf 642.5 (US$ 50). This will be more than enough for me for a year. And if u calculate how much it will cost u for 15 – 20 set of cartridges/ refills around here, u should know y I choose this.

There are a lot of printers with this kind of options, and if u can skip the copying and scanning features, this is the perfect printer for home use.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New kind of Ads in Male’ Street Walls

At first I thought its something from MDP, since its bright yellow in colour. But the diagram says something else so I took a photo from my phone. Later on I checked the web address and found that it’s from a new advertising company/ firm.

I have seen a few of these and the best one so far was ‘Gulha Hadhaa Meehaa (Neyfathun)’ .. it was fixed in Chaandhanee Magu and after a few days it vanished.

Their site address:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

1 Year Back ..

It was about a year back, in May 2009 I checked Blogger to create a blog. I also checked many others including Wordpress, Xanga, Myspace etc .. but somehow I didn’t start even when some of my colleagues started and I helped them with their blogs. During then I was in Korea and as you know Korea’s Internet is one of the fastest in the World.

Suncheon Asia Pacific Scout Centre (SAPSC):

Korea Scout Association (KSA) and the World Scout Bureau Asia-Pacific Region (WSB/ APR) have signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Korea's ecological capital, Suncheon City on 16 December 2008 to manage the Suncheon Asia-Pacific Scout Centre (SAPSC) where young people may improve their global leadership potentials.

Beginning March 2009, the SAPSC will offer programs in English based on the Scout method of "learning by doing" - a hands-on experiential learning process in the outdoors through young leaders from the National Scout Organizations. Korean youth may learn real-life, everyday spoken English and global leadership through various outdoor hands-on programmes, weekly English camp programmes, and seasonal experiential programmess. At the same time, staff member may learn about Korea's rich history, culture, and tradition as well as share the brotherhood of Scouting with participants and visitors.

Following an agreement between the Korean Scouts and the Asia-Pacific Regional Office, there are opportunities for Scout volunteers at the Suncheon Asia-Pacific Scout Centre.

Suncheon Asia-Pacific Scout Centre
Staff Opportunities